Spicy and hot
Wrapped in courage and strength
Releasing me from my own internal bondage.
I feel liberated.
– Elle Williams.

A compilation of witty, relatable stories that nourishes the heart and soul of the modern day woman through love, laughter, and liberation.

A Word on Motherhood

My body has been shaped and reshaped like clay, I am an ancient sculpture whose structure is proof that magic is real, that God is real. I [...]

Love Freedom? Will travel!

“Freedom.” “Motion.” “Trust.” are three words that should be boldly printed on every passport and driver’s license. They are the forces that move any traveler along any [...]


It was one of the first warm days of the New Year and Angela had spent most of it outdoors.  She’d gone for a walk, run errands, [...]

Clean Up on Aisle 8

I've noticed recently that I move very quickly through day to day life. People have always told me that I talk fast, walk fast, and drive fast. [...]

Been Such A Long Time

She stared in the mirror. The reflection was foreign to her, partly due to her thinning edges, errant chin hairs, and extra pounds that decided to join [...]


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