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Bold and Fierce
Tastefully decorated and adorned in
Everything I admire about the women that inspire me
– Elle Williams

A compilation of witty, relatable stories that nourishes the heart and soul of the modern day woman through love, laughter, and liberation.

A Crystal Stair

After Langston Hughes, Mother to Son I. Mother to Daughter Well, daughter, I’ll tell you: Life for me ain’t been a life at all. It’s had bullets [...]

Up, Up, and Away

On a starry night sitting under the moon I thought to myself, Everything looks sooo cool! I see a beautiful butterfly coming towards my nose. I want [...]

An Ode to Ade

My skin looks like Midnight Like my ancestors running through cotton fields to find freedom The dark, rough, callus of my hands break and broke shackles Are you [...]


Golden, melanated skin glistening; The rays from the sun bouncing a reflection Of confidence. A noticeable aura of aesthetics beaming, It is evident. She is the light, Radiant [...]


Conceal me in an oasis of serenity Mythological sunflowers dance upon the wayward times The river flows through my purpose I am here for a purpose Purposely shinning [...]

The Dream Catcher

I catch dreams like wishes. Crochet them into the image Of the woman I hope to be.   I wear them like a cape, like my favorite Fringe [...]

The Power Puff

Don’t look down Maddie. You must be brave. Though things may seem uncertain. Trust me. There is room for you on this road I did pave. It may [...]

When We First Met

An innocent and unexpected glance Is what normally starts it all And with it, a smile usually follows. A brave attempt by chance For him, he’s left enthralled. [...]


She enters the sanctuary pretty and pristine With confidence, grace and poise. Apathetic to on-lookers who are green with envy, Such jealousy is cacophony of noise. She approaches [...]

Mahogany Brew

Mahogany Brew. Who and what are you? This elephant in the room Has and will forever be pointing at YOU. You don’t look like me, know your place. [...]

Elle’s World

She is doing THEE most. With her colorful blazers and her high heels shoes. This is not a runway. Whose Goodwill, Rag-a-rama, Avalon, has she ran through And [...]