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Rich and hearty.
Essential sustenance needed to heal
Addressing the areas I once sought to ignore.
I feel whole.
– Elle Williams

A compilation of witty, relatable stories that nourishes the heart and soul of the modern day woman through love, laughter, and liberation.

Fumbled Your Heart

Love has this funny way of persuading even the most ethical person to compromise his/her beliefs. I guess that’s why you often hear people say that love [...]

The Bag Lady

How big are your purses? Mine are typically, oversized, roomy, with lots of pockets. Between Crossfit and my 10 pound (exaggerating…maybe) leather purse, I keep my chiropractor [...]

Three Times A Woman

I remember the first day I was introduced to womanhood. I was so excited about the idea of my body changing, developing, and transforming like the other [...]

Security Clearance

My head nestled perfectly under his chin. "Well this is a first," I thought to myself. For years, I’d attracted guys whose stature stayed within the 5'8 [...]

Roll Call

My last name begins with a "W." It’s Williams to be specific. Do you know how many Williams' there are in the world? Too many to count. [...]

Hey Little Girl

"Hey Black Child. Do you know who you are? Who you really are? Do you know you can be? What you want to be? If you try [...]

Contingency Plan

"You have condoms?" I asked while rolling my eyes with embarrassment, ashamed that I hadn’t prepared accordingly. Then again, I didn't necessarily plan for the night to [...]

Two-Edged Sword

As I walked briskly to my old, scratched up, yet dependable Toyota I like to call "Cammie," my hands couldn’t reach the door any sooner than they [...]

The Village Keeper

A Dreamer. I've always been one, even well before I knew being labeled a "dreamer" was actually a cool thing. As an adult, you soon learn how [...]

Not Quite Samson

Have you ever experienced something for so long, you forgot what life was like before it? Seriously. Like when you didn’t have aches and pains in your [...]

The Rebirth

As I walk along the sidewalk toward the old, moldy yet familiar church, I see a long line which stretches across the length of the building sitting [...]

Drowning Flies

8:00am rolls around oh too quickly and it's greeted by me running into the revolving doors of my company's corporate office. It's almost become a "thing" ya [...]

3rd String Shawty

"Ya know, you are pretty cute for a…" Statements like that have always been a setup for a fail. Epically. Somewhere right after the "for a" they [...]

Sick Days

I hate being sick. I know what you are thinking - NO I am NOT pregnant. For some apparent reason after the age of 25, people connect any [...]


Last week, at a whim I decided to take a stroll through the florist section of my neighborhood grocer. I was already prepared to be unamused by [...]


I hate Band-Aids! I promise I do! As a kid, I was always a daddy's girl and I can vividly recall faking injuries just so my daddy could [...]

29 & Fine…Ish

Makeup looks good. Check! But not “too good” because I don’t want to come off as overdone. Dress fits nice. Double Check! But not "too nice" because I [...]


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