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Strong and Stimulating.
Unapologetic free flowing thoughts and feelings.
Encouraging self-reflection and evaluation.
I feel open and exposed.
– Elle Williams.

A compilation of witty, relatable stories that nourishes the heart and soul of the modern day woman through love, laughter, and liberation.

Sickly Circles

"Birds of a feather flock together." I've lost count how many times I've heard that saying as a child. It always made me cringe because I felt [...]


I closed the door to what was to be my new place. It was an older home that had the cutest charm about it. I remember when [...]

Tick Tock

Tick tock. Tick tock. My mind is racing. Its "track star sprinting" at a pace that makes me feel like a biker that has lost control of [...]

Shut Up and Drive

I absolutely hate passenger seat drivers. Full disclosure, however, I am a passenger seat driver. I get it from my parents, actually. After 50 years of marital [...]

Make Room for Me

One of my fondest memories of my college years was paying a classmate, lovingly nicknamed "Day-Day", $100 to let us borrow his car to ride to Hattiesburg, [...]

Not So Empty Nesters

"I just got a new apartment. I'm gon' leave the floor wet. Walk around this thang naked. And nobody's gone' tell me ish!" – Ari Lennox My [...]

Lost and Found

Want to know the hardest thing to find if it were ever lost? Yourself. It's about as hard as searching for a cell phone on silent. And [...]

A Cup Runneth Over

One of the most common lessons needed to be learned as a woman is how to say "NO." Can you take on this extra project? "Yes." Can [...]

Somebody Prayed For Me

Have you ever stopped and reflected on the times where you know that the prayers of your family were covering you? I was in college from 2007-2011 [...]

Up, Up, and Away

On a starry night sitting under the moon I thought to myself, Everything looks sooo cool! I see a beautiful butterfly coming towards my nose. I want [...]


I've never smoked a day in my life. Ironically, I've never felt the urge to either. Maybe having two close friends who felt the same way about [...]

Abandoned Treasures

"Don’t kick up dust that has settled," they said. "It will cause problems and reactions. Reactions we may not be prepared for." Surely as the dust settled, [...]

31 Days of Discipline

31 days, 744 hours, 44,640 minutes, or 2,678,400 seconds of pure agony!!! Ok maybe not quite as bad as I am making it seem. But I definitely [...]

No Takebacks

I told myself I wouldn’t write this story. **Rolls eyes. In fact, I talked about me being "ok" and "over it" so much that I actually began [...]

Rite of Passage

Passage - the act or process of moving through, under, over or past something on the way from one place to another. "Red rover, red rover, send……..right [...]

Sandra D. Mentality

Five stinking hours for a simple silk press and a trim still baffles me till this day. Let history tell it, the barbershop and hair salon (a.k.a. [...]


"My pretty young thang." The first time he told me that I literally cringed. You'd think him calling me "pretty" was enough, but that fact that the [...]


On a cold winter morning, I, a rising 3​rd grader sat in my class with my fat science book (covered with my latest artistic design on brown [...]

IG-less Joann

"Say Cheese on three…one, two, three, Cheese!" The group replied in the loud, high pitched unison that was very recognizable to fellow students while attending Jacksonville State [...]

Rose Colored Glasses

Her fair skin glistened in the sunlight, radiating the most flawless skin one ever did see. She was the most beautiful woman I ever did lay my [...]

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