Morgan "Elle" Williams headshot

I am so glad that I can finally make your acquaintance. It’s been a very long and scary road to get to this point, but I am elated that the day has finally arrived! Who am I you may ask? I am Elle Williams. **Ques fancy wind chime and sprinkle a little fairy dust my way while you’re at it. I am not a professional blogger or even an experienced writer. Might I also add that my career lends no credit to this path I have chosen to take either. But one thing is a fact, and that is that I am a dope, artsy fartsy, crazy talented STORYTELLER. Let’s also make one thing clear. My goal is not to sell, educate, or inform you of anything! I figure we already get enough of that through the gift of technology that places us often times in a message overload. How exhausting?!

I am honestly here to simply entertain you. That’s MY win! I might make you laugh, cry, reflect, or simply remind you of the Superwoman that you are! My year of journaling and creative self-reflection has led me to compiling stories that God laid on my heart to share with the world. These are raw, relatable, and authentic thoughts from my voice and the women that I’ve been blessed to come in contact with. So no, they aren’t just my stories. They represent common experiences that all women might face at one point in their life.

So please do sit back, relax, and put your feet up for a while chile’. I promise this will be so much fun! Let me tell you my story and feel free to chime in when you are ready. This platform is about US and is the beginning of a wonderful sisterhood where there is no judgement, nor condemning of others. We’ll call it our “safe to say environment.” The most powerful statement someone once shared with me is that “there is liberation and healing when we walk in our truth.” I welcome you to read the stories and hope that you feel compelled to openly share your own experiences with the women that you love in your life.

Most of all, during this wonderful journey we are about to embark upon, my hope is that you ALWAYS remember to uplift, empower, and forever be…
Ooh So Sisterly!

We are a FORCE when we work together.