“Who the heck does she think she is?!”

“Does she really think her stuff is good?”

“Gosh I am so sick of seeing her stuff everywhere!”

As realistic as that might sound when referencing the statements of folks considered to be “HATERS,” I must be honest that those thoughts came from ME. You know, they say that we are our own worst enemies. Two years before I finally launched my blog, I wrestled with the idea of starting a business. Something in me was pulling at my heart to seek more from life. My career path wasn’t 100% certain due to a job change, and I longed to do something that was truly feeding my soul.

Little did I know that my new job and the universe would eventually SHOVE me towards my purpose. Lol,I started working in corporate philanthropy, thanks to a mentor and advocate at my company. It was a completely different space coming from HR. However, I still saw some alignment that allowed me to connect people to resources, instead of people to jobs. It allowed me to meet and engage with some fantastic organizations within my local area in addition to inspiring me to start looking at volunteer opportunities.

Within a few months, I identified an organization that would allow  me to mentor young girls on an ongoing basis. It was that experience that revealed to me the significant need for support and empowerment to women and young girls.  Surprisingly, as women, we are all on, or have been on, very similar journeys, some more complicated than others. One day while journaling I thought to myself, “what if I created a platform that encouraged women like me to share their stories. By sharing our story, it might help other women on their journeys.”

A light-bulb seemed to have shione down on me and I felt like that was God’s way of confirming that it was what he desired for me to do. The ideas seemed to pour in, and before I knew it, my “plan” was almost at a point to where I was ready to bring it into fruition. It was time for me to stop talking about it and just do it. But that was easier said than done.

My mind fought with my heart for almost a year over whether or not I should pursue it. And surprisingly, most of the negative energy came from me. Every time I was ready to get up and DO, my fear would take over and sit me down with a quickness. My heart knew what to do, but my mind just wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready, nor was I in a place of self-assurance and self-efficacy to put my work out there. You have to be vulnerable when it comes to starting a business.

“You can’t do this. What the heck are you thinking? You need more time!” I would tell myself.

For some odd reason, I had created this imaginary standard of being “ready” which subconsciously drove me to pushing back my date for almost a full calendar year.

“I just need to write 10 more stories.”

You see, I am a self-proclaimed professional planner and I acknowledge that my life is super busy. So I created this grand idea that I should have at least 1 years’ worth of blog posts already written before I

launched anything.

Some bloggers I mentioned this to gawked at me, but were very impressed nonetheless. It was admirable to an extent, but as quiet as kept, served as a way for me to procrastinate on my dreams.

Don’t let fear kill your dreams, Sis. You are intelligent, creative, and this idea that has been placed on your heart was put there for a reason.

I remember receiving a random email from a coworker/friend shortly after launching my platform. It read as follows:

“It is your time to walk in your purpose! There are women waiting for you to fulfill your purpose, so that they can fulfill theirs.”

So I am sharing that same message to you. Stop procrastinating, Sis, and just do it!