“Freedom.” “Motion.” “Trust.” are three words that should be boldly printed on every passport and driver’s license. They are the forces that move any traveler along any distance whether they realize it or not. They are what drove me to move from a small town in Missouri to live in London, U.K. for 4 months, then all the way to Atlanta, GA for 4 years.

Just to be clear! I wouldn’t call myself an expert globetrotter. I’ve only been to 2 out of 7 continents, and I’ve yet to set foot on a cruise liner.

However, I can say that I’ve experienced a fair amount of unique travel opportunities. And if you want your next travel plans to have more Intention and Purpose, then I have just the tips for you!

First, start planning your trip with the “End-goal” in mind. Ask yourself: “Who would I like to become after this trip?” I had spent my first 20-some years living a quiet Midwestern life. By the time I had done my undergrad at Mizzou, (it was during my time there that I studied abroad in London, my first taste of global independence) I was ready to break free! I had moved back to my hometown of Florissant, Missouri, and worked a few years as a substitute teacher and freelance journalist, saving up enough money to move to a much bigger, bustling metropolis: Atlanta, Georgia. While I was only partly interested in the “glam factor” that I found in the ATL, I was much more richly rewarded in knowing that the move would have me grow as a stronger, wiser and more socially well rounded individual than I ever could have been had I stayed in my hometown. The experience of living on my own, gave me the Freedom and Courage to move on to other travel experiences.

Now, I’m not suggesting that YOUR next move needs to be permanent. However, whether it’s for work, leisure, or a change of residency, having an idea of how your travels will improve your overall health and state of mind will set the outline for the rest of the itinerary.

Next, choose 2 of 3 options: 1) cheap, 2) quick, 3) smooth.

Understand, the cheap quick trips won’t be smooth, the smooth cheap trips won’t be quick, and the quick smooth trips won’t be cheap! Somewhere in your “planning” or “executing” phase the trip will incur some sort of hiccup. And it could be as small as making it halfway to your flight gate while forgetting your shoes on the airport security conveyor belt. Yes, I’ve done this. Yes, it can happen to you too! And it’s Ok to laugh about any and all mistakes. That’s just the way life goes when you’re in Motion.

The last point I’ll make here is to Trust. If you don’t already have faith in a higher power, solo travels will make you a Believer! Trusting in yourself and your unique abilities will take you higher than any airplane and further than any Megabus…and I say that as someone who’s ridden Megabus across the U.K.!

Granted, during these times, flights and bus rides can be “sketchy” to say the least. The open roads are always an option if a “staycation” in your home is wearing out its welcome. For example, if driving through a wooded area brings you some relaxation, schedule a road trip to a National Park! It can be just the solo or group outing that recharges your battery and restarts your process to higher achievement.

If you’ve come this far in life, and can’t remember the last time you gave yourself a mental/physical break, a trip of your choosing could be the medicine you never knew you needed.

Safe travels my fellow travelers!