One of my fondest memories of my college years was paying a classmate, lovingly nicknamed “Day-Day”, $100 to let us borrow his car to ride to Hattiesburg, MS for a weekend called “Que-Delta.” This was a weekend full of fornication, sin, and probably the closest thing to Freak-Nik. I may be laughing, but I am
SO serious.

I mentioned “us,” as in 6 college girls of all shapes and sizes. SIX! And just to add to injury we paid $100 for, **drum roll please…a TWO DOOR Honda. Yes, I said it. Two! But before you go roasting us with numerous jokes, let me set the record straight that we did do our due diligence for almost a week to come up with a better strategy. However, desperate times call for desperate measures, and honey…we were at the bottom of our list of options!

We started with an idea that relied solely on someone using their credit card, but as luck would have it, we realized sooner than later that a credit card with no available credit, and cash on hand, just would not suffice, with the trip right around the corner.

We begged our parents.

We begged our god-parents.

We even asked our fun aunts and uncles to help, but to our surprise, everyone said no! How rude!? **in my Michele Tanner voice**

What would we do? Well ,after sulking in our dorm, while watching everyone from our window pack up to drive 2 hours to Hattiesburg, MS, an angel came to our rescue. It was an angel named Day-Day. Please don’t ask me his name. I am still uncertain till this day. Day-Day, a cool cutie with a laid back persona, walked by our 1st floor window and waved at us.

“Heyyyyy Day-Day,” we said in unison while giggling. He was handsome and tiny in stature. He might even remind you of a miniature size Almond Joy. Looking all almondy and such! As we scurried out of our rooms and down the steps to the lobby, we greeted him again. “What are you doing here Day-Day?! Why aren’t you headed to Hattiesburg?” He responded, cool and collected, “Aww, that’s just not my thing, ya know, I’d rather let y’all folks have that. I’m going to stay put.”

As he proceeded to walk outside to go take a smoke, we looked at each other with excitement. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I stated, as my new “bestie for the restie” snatched my arm and we began to follow him behind the dorm. Turns out, we had been looking everywhere BUT the one place that was saturated with individuals seeking to add a few dollars in their pockets, and Day-day was one of them. I am not certain if he just trusted us that much, or if my best friend Jazzy scared him into saying yes. It was one of her most valuable traits in college. She was the most persuasive person using her coyness, intelligence, and aggressiveness to get what she desired.

We were never without a strategy as long as Jazz was around. There was an angle for everything. With excitement, we gave him the cash and snatched up the keys. Suckkerrrrr, we thought! Little did I know that in the end, we would be the suckers. As we rallied up the crew from their dorm rooms, everyone was on Cloud 9!

“We are finally going to experience what everyone’s been talking about!”

As curiosity and impatience began to set in, our departure time began to move from 8am, to 4am, and before you knew it, we were throwing our bags into the car at 1am to head to Hattiesburg! **laughs**

Somehow in the midst of our planning and execution, we forgot that the hotel check-in wasn’t until 11am! I’d say it hit us after the 8th time playing “Pop it for Pimp,” by Bun B, that we were running wayyyy ahead of schedule. Not one hour. Not two hours. But, we were running ahead by almost 8 hours!

To preserve gas, we decided to roll the windows down while driving, and that’s when our adrenaline slowed down and something dawned on us. It’s HOT AS FISH GREASE IN THIS CAR! That morning heat was just as muggy and ruthless! It showed no mercy to six women, two in the front and four in the back!

Our fresh showers were expiring, and we were finally getting sleepy, because well, we hadn’t been to sleep!!! We were sooo hung up on making that trip work for us. I must applaud our “stick-to-it-ness,” even when we decided to stop and park the car to take a quick snooze. As the music began to muffle slowly in the background to several of us snoring, the heat seemed to rise. The flies, large enough to be pets, didn’t make it any better, SO we got the bright idea to just roll up the windows.

Let’s review again the circumstances….we came out of $100 for a two door Honda, left 8 hours early without a backup plan for when we got there, and to preserve our funds & prevent mosquito bites, we slept with the windows up and the air off. No Bueno. But ya know, we realllllyyyyy wanted to make that trip! We really wanted to have that experience, and so we rushed, taking whatever was offered at the last minute only to sit in a hot car with foggy windows. It was “frying pan hot” in our two-door Honda!

I sat, tickled, and delirious because I knew we would look back on it and laugh, knowing that we shouldn’t have come in the first place. I knew taking someone’s car keys (who had not educated us on any car issues, insurance, or heck, warrants), driving two and a half hours away (to a city where we knew no one), at 1am in the morning (sounds like a 48-hour special), with six shapely, skinny, and everywhere in between women (in a two-door Honda!!!), was a bad idea. In fact, it was a very bad idea.

As much as I’d like to go into detail of the remainder of the weekend filled with G-strings, mace, short dresses, and random hook-ups for some of us, I just can’t. That’s another story in itself. ☺ But I will say that that lesson of forcing things to be, really resonates with me till this day. I can remember relationships that I wanted so badly, even when all the signs or road blocks told me not to pursue such things or people.

Especially relationships. I can admit that I’ve wanted someone so badly, that I gave into my own desires, and often neglected what I knew in my heart what they actually were ready for. Some people are just not ready for a relationship, and don’t take it personally either. Maybe they aren’t over an ex, or their
finances don’t permit a relationship. Maybe they are struggling silently, mentally and emotionally, in a way that doesn’t lend them any capacity to focus on anyone else at the time. Who knows?

But I’ve learned from that college experience, that we can’t push ourselves into cars (relationships, friendships, circumstances, etc.) that are not meant for us to be in. And trust me, when it’s not your car, you will know it. It’ll be uncomfortable, limiting, and at various moments you may find yourselves pushing others over or out of the way just to make room and serve yourself.

“I really, really, want you to get over this heartbreak and possibly make room for…ME.” – “Make Room
For Me” by Candace Harris