My last name begins with a “W.” It’s Williams to be specific. Do you know how many Williams’ there are in the world? Too many to count.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it or anything. It actually works in my favor. Every time, I meet someone whose last name is Williams, I can run towards them with open arms yelling “KINNNFOLLLKKK!” Usually, however, I am greeted with strange stares and am left with a cold, stiff hug.

**shrugs. Oh well. Lol! They clearly just don’t get it.

However, there are a few moments that I can recall, where budding friendships were established merely from the similarities of our last names.

You see, with having a last name that falls wayyyyy at the end of the alphabet, you realize that in life, you will ALWAYS be waiting.

Waiting in line. Waiting for them to call your name. Waiting for the letter of acceptance. And often, for certain things, you are waiting around the same people.

I remember meeting a guy during my freshman orientation in college. We sat in order by last names and sure enough, Wince came right after Williams. A simple conversation that started with a need (his need) for a pencil led to a four-year friendship.  On May 11​th​, 2011, we sat in our seats once again, right next to one another awaiting to receive our diplomas. I stood there and watched one by one, everyone walk up the side of the stage greeting our president to receive their degree. **sighs. Those were the good ole days.

I wish I could say that life remained that way. You know! The idea that if you wait in line until your name is called, you will get what you desire. To a certain extent it still is, but THIS time we have no inkling of where we fall in this line. (Chile, I must be next to last, lol!)

Things don’t manifest in life based on your last name, unfortunately. **tears So you already know what that means. You simply wait,….and wait….and wait until it’s YOUR TIME! It can become exhausting and you may even feel like the last man to be chosen in a game of dodgeball. Gosh, that always sucked!

Everywhere you look, someone is getting married, having babies, getting a promotion, or starting a business that seems to become an overnight success.

It can get frustrating, especially if you are putting in just as much of an effort as the next person. And yes, after watching, congratulating, and cheering on the people you love, the human side of you can still become discouraged.

Am I good enough? Aren’t I just as deserving? When will it be my time?

You may even find yourself experiencing mixed emotions where you are motivated, excited, exhausted, uncertain, discouraged, angry, numb, or even feel hopeless.

Can I be honest with you?

All of that is normal, and I am certain everyone in the world can attest to the fact that there is SOMETHING that they are waiting for right now – a new house, a new husband, a new job, a new body, you name it. And ironically, once our name has been called and our dream has come true, there will surely be a new one to manifest in our mind.

“I have the new job. Now I want the new car!”

It’s a constant cycle that tends to distort our perspective on life and our ability to see the wonderful things that we do have. We are all living a life that lends us an individual journey totally different for the next person. And in spite of our circumstances, we are all extremely blessed with God’s love. Because of his love, we know that in due time, he will give us the desires of our heart, if we delight ourselves in His word.

So, the moral of the story today will be gratitude. It’s so easy to become obsessed with the next best thing and focus of what you lack compared to what someone else has. I encourage you to live a life filled with hope and thankfulness, always believing in what God has for you!