On a starry night sitting under the moon
I thought to myself,
Everything looks sooo cool!
I see a beautiful butterfly coming towards my nose.
I want to be like her, I thought. So…. here goes!

I got a brilliant idea.
I’m going to fly up, up, and away!
But my feet were on the ground,
And on the ground they did stay.

So, I charged up my powers from within
And I told myself, “every kid can win!”
If only, I do believe that there is nothing in this world that I can’t achieve!

When I opened my eyes. I was surprised at what I did see!
Trees, flowers, bugs and big bees,
Little boys swinging from the trees.
Pretty little girls who were just like me.
Sunshine and rainbows,
Ahhhh, I feel so FREE!

I was flying towards the stars!
Like a superhero, who could fly far.
I was finally doing it; I was flying amongst the stars!

I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to!
I can be a teacher, a friend, a superhero or a make-believe tree
I can be ANYTHING that I want to be.
And you can be anything too… just…like…me!

SEEEE…..I told you so!
There are limitless places that you too can go.
Just follow your heart and let your dreams continue to flow.
Be who you wish to be, and do what you want to do.
Believe in you heart that there is nothing you can’t get through!
And you can do anything that you put your mind to, too!

But if you’re ever feeling afraid, maybe sad, or a bit blue
Just think of ME, and all the things I did do.
I closed my eyes
And spoke it true
I believed in ME.
I want YOU to do the same thing TOO

Well I think it’s time to rest now.
Yes, my super powers have me pooped!
Not to my surprise,
I’ve reached the limitless skies
While just sitting on my stoop!