I can count on one hand (and still have several fingers left over might I add) how many times I’ve gone to the grocery store. It’s the very last place I’d go these days and I know you are looking at me strange right now and its okay. I blame myself for the poor experiences that I continue to have at my own risk. Many of my struggles come from my own failure to make a grocery list. I am a “winging it” type of gal in some ways and my mom would probably disagree when I say this, but I am certain I get it from her. She is so easy going and carefree, yet very self-assured often banking on her talented mathematical mind to calculate and remember every important little detail. That works for her most of the time, but as quiet as it’s kept she often fails when it comes to remembering the simple things like what is on her grocery shopping list. **giggles

We will charge it to the hundreds of temptations and distractions that these supermarkets strategically place in eye’s view to increase their own profitable gains. How do I know this? I know because I am a businesswoman, gosh darn it! We (other business folks like myself) are constantly thinking about the most clever, innovative ways to make it money. Hey…stripping doesn’t always have to be a woman’s last resort ya know!

Nonetheless, it’s Tuesday and I find myself grudgingly headed into the grocery store. I dread the long lines, and ridiculous prices. I may as well grow my own farm, for goodness sake. “In and out.” That’s ALWAYS my initial plan. I walk in swiftly, hoping to not run into anyone I know with somewhat of an idea of what I want. However, the way my stomach is growling I know that a few extra goodies might end up in my basket just for kicks and giggles.

I immediately see chocolate in the discounted section where all the “deals” are. I’ve always been a sucker for a good deal. Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money and at an early age I learned what a sale rack was, and discounted thrift stores was just simply the place to be! Maybe that’s why I am so creative and eventually learned how to make something out of nothing. My mother always says, “necessity is the mother for invention.” I am certain that was her motivation with some of the random combination meals she used to make…beans and a meat sandwich…fried bologna and creamed corn. Yuck!

I’d even go the extra mile and possibly link my childhood experiences to my dating life or career. I’ve always settled for the work in progress guy (which I’m not opposed to, but not ALL THE TIME) or the job that might not have been in my field, but it paid the bills at the moment. I’ve lived the lifestyle that makes the very best of things. Maybe that’s why I am such a nurturer that constantly pours into other people because unlike some, I can see their potential. **Shrugs. Beats me though!

Any who, when I get to the cash register, I immediately fumble to get my wallet out. Why does this part bring me the most anxiety for Christ sake?! Picture this lonnnnngggg line, with crying babies, frustrated mommas, somebody’s grandpa, and possibly a dead-beat daddy (or two). I reach into my wallet, darn near shove the money into the cashier’s hand and before collecting my few pennies in change, I sprint out of the store. You would’ve thought I was running to freedom or something!

As I start up my car and begin my long trek home, I remember something that I forgot that is needed for me to cook dinner. I drive a little further and BOOM, I think of something else. “Rats!” Not to anyone’s surprise, I begin to think of all the ways I could substitute those items and still make the dish.

Why do I always do this?! I rush the process only to take and run with the first few things/opportunities that come my way. I never take the time to make sure that what I have has everything that I need. And because of that, I am stuck with whatever it is, and I am having to, once again, “work with what I have.”
One thing I have learned over the last 5 years as a young successful woman is to not sell myself short. I must quit accepting things or people in my life that I know don’t have everything I want or even meet my basic needs. I’m encouraged to shop around more, weigh my options, and not accept the first thing that comes my way. I know what I am worth and the value that I bring. It’s time that I do my part by practicing patience until I have that.

This new season I am embarking upon has a very limited amount of time to spend on anything or anyone that isn’t in alignment with what I am trying to accomplishment. There is no room for fillers or things done “just because.” I am at a place in my life where everything I do, every step I take, every move I make (**insert New Edition dance moves) will be proactively moving the needle towards my overall goals in life.

There is no room for shortchanging myself this time around, loves. My worth has a price and you better believe I am adding tax to it! I’m coming for all my coins in 2018!