Conceal me in an oasis of serenity
Mythological sunflowers dance upon the wayward times
The river flows through my purpose
I am here for a purpose
Purposely shinning for the whole world to see
No mere mortal of the land
My Goddess flows like smooth rocks on skipping pavements
Can you hear my calling in the distance?
To Birth, to bare, to nurture
In my quest for peace I tripped over beauty
Held perfection in my hands and loved like it never had the possibility of breaking me
I saw God that day pleased within my doings
Reached out for a blessing but the world disowned me
I was a refugee who fought battles with Father time escaped to find
Comfort in the bosom of Mother Nature
Couldn’t quite contain my nostalgia so with cause I left her
Only to be catered to by isolation
I am learning who I am and acceptance the way Autumn trees grow to obey the winds
Parts of me had to cease in order to get here so forgive my joy
We mean not to offend
But I have spent the last several years and beats of my heart giving unrequited love
It feels good to finally love myself again
Peace is found in the reflection of a mirror with eyes looking back at you innocent like the day before the ever view sin and pollution
I am dancing in the hours of Gods best moments to a song constructed by Beethoven
I realized that we are all flawed and muted symphonies
I then listened to the breeze tell me that I was beautiful as the winds caressed my cheeks
I gift wrapped its promises and saved it for rainy days when my spirit is too low to make it out of the bed
So, I water mountains in hopes that my footprint don’t get lost within the folds
I accept that broken hearts are meant for mending
And in my moments of defeat I will whisper to the vacant stampede of gratification
Roaming through my head and find solace in knowing that peace is only a water fall away,
In your life know that peace is only a water fall away.