No Takebacks

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I told myself I wouldn’t write this story. **Rolls eyes. In fact, I talked about me being "ok" and "over it" so much that I actually began to believe it. That man wasn’t around [...]

Rite of Passage

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Passage - the act or process of moving through, under, over or past something on the way from one place to another. "Red rover, red rover, send……..right over!" As I looked to the right [...]

Sandra D. Mentality

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Five stinking hours for a simple silk press and a trim still baffles me till this day. Let history tell it, the barbershop and hair salon (a.k.a. Beauty Shop) is also supposedly a therapy [...]


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Conceal me in an oasis of serenity Mythological sunflowers dance upon the wayward times The river flows through my purpose I am here for a purpose Purposely shinning for the whole world to see No [...]


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"My pretty young thang." The first time he told me that I literally cringed. You'd think him calling me "pretty" was enough, but that fact that the man felt the need to put a [...]

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