Contingency Plan

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"You have condoms?" I asked while rolling my eyes with embarrassment, ashamed that I hadn’t prepared accordingly. Then again, I didn't necessarily plan for the night to turn out this way, but ya know [...]


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On a cold winter morning, I, a rising 3​rd grader sat in my class with my fat science book (covered with my latest artistic design on brown paper) prepared for our discussion of the [...]

IG-less Joann

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"Say Cheese on three…one, two, three, Cheese!" The group replied in the loud, high pitched unison that was very recognizable to fellow students while attending Jacksonville State University. The trio was inseparable in college [...]

Two-Edged Sword

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As I walked briskly to my old, scratched up, yet dependable Toyota I like to call "Cammie," my hands couldn’t reach the door any sooner than they did to prevent the frost bite in [...]

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