Don’t look down Maddie.
You must be brave.
Though things may seem uncertain.
Trust me.
There is room for you on this road I did pave.
It may still be a bit rocky.
Disregard labels that identify you as too weak.
Folks will soon find the POWER
Behind every word you do speak.

Don’t look down Maddie.
Rest upon my shoulders dear.
Eyes front, shoulders back
There is no room for fear.
You must be STRONG! STRONG I said!
Like the hair upon your head!
Uncontrollably black.
Let me remind you that,
There is NOTHING that you lack.

Too young to be called a Lady.
Yet old enough to be filled with rage.
On her shoulders I did sit.
“Rough AND Stuff,” I’d always spit.
Say her name!
Sandra Bland!
Hand in hand we’ll always stand.
Hear my voice, through and through.
Two times oppressed.
And yes it’s true.

Here I am. Here we demand!
Rekia Boyd, too, had a plan.
Not just gender. Not just Race.
Interconnected is where you will find my place.
Marginalized in this world
You WILL NOT overlook me
Oh you think we two are alike?!
Let me introduce you to a little something called

Special thanks to Kimberle’ Crenshaw for the inspiration.