An innocent and unexpected glance
Is what normally starts it all
And with it, a smile usually follows.
A brave attempt by chance
For him, he’s left enthralled.
Engulfed in infatuation he wallows.

From a distance he begins to approach
Which causes them to close in
With hopes of possibly making a connection.
A sincere greeting…not to encroach
And in no way trying to offend.
But to woo and to gain her affection.

They’re face to face
And salutations are exchanged.
The chemistry is instant and like no other.
Captivation takes place
That’s authentic…not prearranged
Only kind and complimenting words they utter.

So from there we look
Further down the road,
Several month’s have passed and they’ve weathered a few storms.
Their feelings aren’t shook
Instead continual love is bestowed
And caused them to reflect in alarm.
Alarming it is,
And it incited a discourse
Between the couple because they were quite amazed.
How charming it is
To pinpoint the key source
That prompted that moment of their initial gaze.

“Do you remember the song?”
She asked in recollection.
“…the song that was playing when we first met.”
His response was not prolonged
But in introspection,
“Yes! That moment, I’ll never forget.”

“How can I forget!
It was Miss Billie Holliday!”
He answered as he smiled and reminisced.
Instant companionship was beget
And was strengthen day by day
To be apart from one another, they’d be remised.

The Very Thought of You
Played in the background
As they recalled their first meeting.
The words resonated
Leaving them spellbound
Hoping that such a moment isn’t fleeting.

Music is a universal language that not only invades the subconscious, but it also pricks the heart.

By: E.B.Burk