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As I sprinted inside the warm, toasty office from the disrespectful 30-degree January weather I looked quickly to determine my next turn, considering I was almost 10 minutes late. "Sheesh I wouldn’t make it [...]

Quality Assurance

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@MrEverything1911…and that he was. The description read…"PHD Candidate, Brutha to The Night Lyricist, and God-fearing family man." LordT is this my husband! And let's not mention that the man was easy on the eyes. [...]

Hard Boiled Eggs

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Easter morning I stood out in the brisk, cold air and watched as all the children in their soft, pale, spring colors ran freely on the freshly manicured grounds of West Baptist Church looking [...]

Drowning Flies

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8:00am rolls around oh too quickly and it's greeted by me running into the revolving doors of my company's corporate office. It's almost become a "thing" ya know. At 7:58 a.m., I wave at [...]

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