She is doing THEE most.
With her colorful blazers and her high heels shoes.
This is not a runway.
Whose Goodwill, Rag-a-rama, Avalon, has she ran through
And abused.
With her extra blouses, and her makeup filled face.
Chile’, we gone pray for her because that baby clearly
Does not have taste!

She thinks she is different.
Whose attention does she seek?
Is she trying to steal MY man?
Because her chances are bleak!
Take that weave out little girl
We know you bald-head boo.
And when everyone finds out.
Nobody will want to look at you.

Did you see her lil’ fro?
A TWA. Yes, it’s true!
Maybe she is going through a new breakup.
I’ve done that myself too.
Now she wears less make up
Plus her skin glowing all right.
Did you catch her little outfit…
And it wasn’t even tight!

Okay sis! Beloved.
You’ve shown some growth we see.
And actually turned out to be
A lot more than we thought you would be.
Clap, Clap just for you.
Bravo, at that!
But don’t get too excited because you STILL
Aint. All. That!

You’re still not good enough.
Rejection can be a mutha too.
So wipe your face and get back up.
Because scraped up knees aint cute on you.
Slap that smile on your face,
Or whatever you prefer.
Cuz if you don’t, you will watch your dreams slowly
But surely, defer.

I saw you yesterday.
You were actually kinda cool.
You smiled and gave me a hug.
Even though I hated you in school.
We laughed and we shared
What new things we did foresee
And to my surprise, you turned out to be
A sweetheart, a friend, but most of all
Ooh So Sisterly.

              – XOXO, Elle