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Last week, at a whim I decided to take a stroll through the florist section of my neighborhood grocer. I was already prepared to be unamused by their poor selection, which seems to be [...]

Doctor Fix It

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Twas' the night before therapy and all through my mind, thoughts formed vivid predictions of what my therapist may find. The papers were signed, the appointment was set, as I prepared to rehash all [...]

29 & Fine…Ish

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Makeup looks good. Check! But not “too good” because I don’t want to come off as overdone. Dress fits nice. Double Check! But not "too nice" because I don’t want to attract the wrong attention. [...]

Elle’s World

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She is doing THEE most. With her colorful blazers and her high heels shoes. This is not a runway. Whose Goodwill, Rag-a-rama, Avalon, has she ran through And abused. With her extra blouses, and her [...]

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